REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

The best 100Ah lithium iron battery for sale in South Africa 

The REVOV LiFe B100 is a 100Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. It’s designed to be a plug-n-play part of an inverter-controlled energy storage system. This reduces installation time and cost – only the inverter needs to be preconfigured.

This 5.1kWh lithium iron battery meets the highest standards of safety, reliability and longevity. It also features anti-theft technology and a smart, integrated battery management system. It is common to install just one B100 battery to deal with blackouts and then to grow the system, adding more batteries to reduce grid power usage in a phased approach.

Product specifications

  • Plug-and-play in an inverter-controlled system
  • Expected lifetime of 10+ years at 25°C
  • Designed cyle-life of over 7000+ cycles
  • Theft protection
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Suitable for wall mounting and 19” racks

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Residental backup

Business backup

Solar energy storage

Data centres/computer room UPS

Telecoms base stations

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The best 1stLiFe 100Ah lithium iron battery for sale in South Africa

Anti-Theft Protection

  • Battery is totally disabled if removed and cannot be used by thieves.

LCD Display Screen

  • Menu to view upper and lower bounds of BMS settings
  • Display Battery statistics
  • Navigate options with menu buttons

Depth of discharge

  • When used properly every day the B100 can be safely discharged to a 100% of its rated 100Ah capacity. Battery life will be shortened if it is discharged beyond 100Ah.
  • Over 80% of original 100Ah capacity on completion of 3500 full cycles

Plug-n-Play in an Inverter Controlled ESS

  • In this context Plug-n-Play, and Inverter Controlled ESS is an installation in which the Inverter is configured as the first line of safety with slightly stricter upper and lower bounds on controls (like over and under voltage and temperature thresholds) than those that are pre-configured in the BMS. The BMS in turn, is pre-configured with slightly stricter settings than the physical thresholds of the battery cells.
  • In a correctly configured ESS, the inverter is the only device that requires configuration and is the first line of control. If the inverter control is bypassed by some event, the BMS will react to protect the battery if required. The BMS is dedicated to Battery management and protection. Installers can complete an installation by connecting the battery into a correctly configured inverter. The BMS will auto-start and operate and requires no configuration.

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REVOV changed our lives. Power will no longer be a problem in our household. I would recommend REVOV to all home owners, their service and products are great!

Peet Conradie

Best ever customer service. Babsie was very friendly and professional and she is answered all my technical questions like a pro… I made payment and she delivered the battery herself the next day. She recommended an installer, which is important because the wrong or fly by night installer may cause problems to the battery. I am happy and completely satisfied.

Mark Jacobs

REVOV made it possible for me to sustain my beach house with solar power. Their batteries are top quality and the installation process was a breeze. Will Austen

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