Revov LiFe Battery Range

REVOV LiFe C8 51.2V 220Ah 11.2kWh
REVOV LiFe B100 51.2V 100Ah 5.12kWh

The Revov LiFe Range of Battery Storage Systems are Lithium Iron Phosphate based systems expertly assembled to meet the highest standards of SAFETY, RELIABILITY and LONGEVITY. They are the perfect choice to provide backup, primary and secondary power where daily cycling of the system is required.

REVOV LiFe batteries are designed with a cycle-life of over 7000 cycles making them ideal residential, commercial and industrial applications. This premium product delivers the highest quality, extreme temperature resilience, high energy density, low weight in a small form factor. Revov
LiFe batteries weight and size allows for wall mounting.

CATL- the world’s largest producer of Lithium-ion cells, supporting renewable storage projects across Europe, UK, Japan and has been a long time supplier to companies like BMW, Volkswagen and recently Volvo. CATL provides the cells in Revov LiFe batteries bringing those same levels of quality, prestige and reliability to Southern Africa.

220Ah 11.2kWh
51.2V 100Ah 5.12kWh

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