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Lithium Iron Solar Batteries

REVOV’s lithium iron solar batteries are ideal solar energy storage systems for residential, commercial and industrial use.

In the past, people’s adoption of solar power has been limited by the high cost of solar energy storage batteries. Now, lithium solar batteries are becoming much more affordable.

Lithium iron solar batteries for sale

REVOV is revolutionising the market for lithium solar batteries in South Africa with 2ndLiFe batteriesIdeal for solar, these batteries:

  • are much less expensive than traditional lithium batteries
  • offer exceptional performance and durability
  • come with 10-year warranties.

Need a 48v lithium solar battery or a 24v lithium iron battery for solar? Our LiFe and 2ndLiFe batteries feature an external battery management system (BMS) with either voltage.

Find the right lithium solar battery for you.

Which batteries are the best for solar power systems?

Lithium batteries for solar power storage

Solar lithium iron phosphate batteries – also called solar LiFePO4 batteries – are currently the best lithium batteries for solar systems.

Their particular chemistry makes them the most cost-effective option for homes and businesses. They’re also safer and less toxic than alternative solar battery types. A lithium iron solar battery bank can easily be scaled.

This makes it possible to build towards a fully off-grid solar system. It’s also straightforward to add capacity to an existing installation to meet growing energy needs.

Lead acid vs lithium iron solar battery

Lead-acid batteries are available for solar energy storage and may cost less than lithium ion batteries. However, lithium iron batteries use newer, superior technology. In practice, this makes them more cost-effective.

Lithium-iron solar batteries offer:

Significantly longer lifespan

In studies, lithium-iron batteries generally deliver many times the total number of cycles in their lifetimes than lead acid batteries.

Higher capacity

Lithium-iron batteries take up less space and can charge more appliances.

Greater efficiency

Upwards of 95% of the energy in a lithium iron battery can be used. For a lead-acid battery, efficiency is typically 80 to 85%. Batteries with greater efficiency charge faster and have higher capacity.

A greater depth of discharge (DOD)

A lead-acid battery generally has a DOD of about 50% – meaning you shouldn’t use more than half the available kilowatt hours (kWh) from the battery before recharging it. A REVOV lithium iron battery offers a DOD of about 90%.

Safer & lighter 

Lithium iron batteries are also safer and lighter than lead-acid batteries. They can be wall-mounted and are solid – so they don’t require maintenance or refills.

Gel vs lithium solar batteries

Gel and AGM batteries are two types of lead-acid batteries. 

In a gel battery, the electrolyte takes the form of a gel paste. In an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, the lead acid is absorbed into a fibreglass mat.

Both these battery types are safer than flooded lead-acid batteries. They help ensure that the acid can’t spill.

However, lithium-iron solar batteries offer better efficiency, greater capacity and longer lifespan. They’re also safer, with no toxic acid.

Lithium iron solar battery price South Africa

REVOV’s 2ndLiFe batteries offer the lowest cost per cycle on the market – for a reliable supply of solar backup, primary or secondary power, whenever you need it.

REVOV changed our lives. Power will no longer be a problem in our household. I would recommend REVOV to all home owners, their service and products are great!

Peet Conradie

My guest house is now completely off the grid thanks to REVOV! No more back-up plans needed to accommodate our guests. Thank you REVOV! Jane Peters

REVOV made it possible for me to sustain my beach house with solar power. Their batteries are top quality and the installation process was a breeze. Will Austen

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