REVOV is an energy storage solutions company that sells carry-case sized lithium-iron batteries. These are available as single units or in powerful systems of up to MWh sizes.

REVOV was founded in 2016 and has sold in excess of 20,000 batteries.

Our customers include wholesalers, installers and end users.

Backup power and renewable energy solutions

REVOV batteries can be charged directly from the electricity grid, to provide backup power to commercial, industrial or residential facilities.

Alternatively, they can be connected to renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines to provide continuous renewable energy.

Energy storage solutions in South Africa and beyond

REVOV’s battery solutions directly address:

  • the current insecurity of the electricity grid in South Africa
  • variability in supply from renewable energy sources
  • growing demand for energy storage in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • the global call to reduce carbon emissions.

REVOV’s 2nd LiFe batteries

REVOV offers both 1st and 2nd LiFe (lithium-iron phosphate) batteries.

2nd LiFe batteries contain cells that were used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. An EV battery is replaced after about five years of use, once its performance no longer justifies its weight in the vehicle.

However, these batteries still have more than 3500 cycles (that’s 10 to 15 years of use) in them. They’re ideal for stationary applications where weight does not matter.

By repurposing the cells, REVOV offers customers two important solutions:

  • lithium-iron performance that’s affordable
  • energy storage that’s carbon and earth-friendly.

    Price of lithium-ion batteries

    2nd LiFe batteries make it possible for REVOV to bring lithium-iron performance to the market at a significantly reduced cost.

    Pound for pound, REVOV is the go-to for value for money.

    Reduced environmental impact of 2nd LiFE batteries

    2nd LiFe batteries are repurposed for stationary use, instead of being thrown out. 

    Along with preventing unnecessary waste, this reduces the need to produce new batteries. So it significantly reduces the carbon footprint involved in mining, manufacturing and shipping raw materials to make new lithium-ion battery cells.

    Lithium-iron batteries provide a clean backup solution for the continent’s energy supply. They also improve the viability of variable renewable energy sources, like solar power and wind. 

    The renewable energy sector in South Africa was given an important boost when it was confirmed as an integral part of the country’s energy security plans. It’s expected to continue its strong growth.

    Technical support

    REVOV’s technical support, design and engineering teams provide comprehensive support for all our customers, including wholesalers, installers and end users.

    Lead time backlogs and delays have become commonplace in the industry – but at REVOV, we know the value of reliability and offer fast, responsive service.

    REVOV’s founders

    REVOV was founded by Lance Dickerson, former Executive at MTN Group, and Felix von Bormann, former engineering consultant for Sprint in the United States.

    They are both highly skilled engineers and offer a combined 50 years’ experience in the telecoms industry.

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