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Lithium-Ion Batteries have about a 15-25 year usable service lifespan depending on how they are used. Many are now spending the first 5-8 years of that life mobile, powering electric vehicles (EVs). However, it is as part of Stationary Energy Storage Solutions that these batteries are destined to serve most of their lives. This is their “2nd Life” powering homes and businesses everywhere.

Lithium-Ion batteries generally find themselves applied in one of three main ways 1. Consumer electronics, 2. Electric vehicles (Mobility), 3. Energy Storage Solutions (Stationary). Revov 2nd LiFe Batteries power homes, businesses and factories and aren’t aimed at consumer electronics, or electric cars.

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REVOV changed our lives. Power will no longer be a problem in our household. I would recommend REVOV to all home owners, their service and products are great!


Peet Conradie

My guest house is now completely off the grid thanks to REVOV! No more back-up plans needed to accommodate our guests. Thank you REVOV!


Jane Peters

Thanks for the swift delivery and expert setup of the LiFePO4 battery bank and integration with my existing inverter.  Quality of the equipment, installation and service was excellent.  I can thoroughly recommend REVOV. 

Andrew Gibson

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